Nutrition of reptiles offers many supplements and vitamins for turtles.A good example is the domestic cricket, which contains a lot of moisture but on a dry matter basis is higher in protein than roaches.

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The dry matter reference is commonly seen in all sorts of animal feed, from dog food to herbivore fodder.

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For a full analysis of insect nutrition, including protein, fat, minerals, vitamins and more, check out our Insect Nutrition PDF.The yield and nutritional value of meat from African ungulates, camelidae, rodents, ratites and reptiles.

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The fatty acids found in insects are predominantly unsaturated, whereas fats from birds and mammals are the so-called saturated fats.

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Because lipids have more gross energy, 9 kcal per gram vs 4 kcal per gram for both proteins and carbohydrates, fats put on weight faster.It is not understood whether geckos know how to self-regulate their calcium but this would be the best product to use for a free-feeding dish.Many of the below feeders can be found online, or you can culture them yourself.Feeding Tips for Carnivorous Reptiles. Thus, from a nutritional standpoint, converting a reptile from feeding upon one type of prey should be acceptable.

Reptile foods and food supplements for tortoises, lizards, iguans, and more.Of utmost concern when feeding anything other than a balanced MRP is calcium to phosphorus ratio (Ca:P ratio) in the amount fed.Other invertebrates, such as annelids (earthworms and other ringed worms) and isopods (crustaceans) contain higher ratios of Calcium to Phosphorus.Although most crested geckos relish a cricket now and then, some tend to ignore live prey and tend to stress when they are present.Before offering feeder insects, you should be sure to provide a nutritious staple MRP that will make up the bulk of their balanced diet.

Both body and gut content, especially in species with a relatively large gut or consuming high fiber diets, contribute to the nutrient content of feeder prey species.Strict carnivores such as cats need at most 32% during critical development, so it is assumed that most (non-toxic, parasite-free) insects should be appropriate for insectivores, for whom we do not have nutritional requirements.

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However, when nitrogen from amino acids (not chitin) are reduced from ADF, chitin remains an average of only 3.7% of body nitrogen, depending on species and life stage.Comparing the nutrition content of common feeder insects: crickets, mealworms, waxworms, and superworms.These guides will allow you to provide the best diet possible, no matter what kind of pet you are keeping.

One reason that capturing wild insect feeders is not recommended is because they may contain parasites, chemical pesticides or other toxic contaminants.Nutrition in Lizards. for herbivorous reptiles, or vegetable mixes (see Nutrition in. continues as the Merck Veterinary Manual in the US and Canada.It may slow the deficit slightly, but the more often you feed insects dusted this way, the sooner your gecko will start developing MBD and other calcium deficiency related disorders.However, each insect species varies and there is also variation among individual insects depending on life stage and diet.Fluker Farms is the largest producer of crickets, mealworms, and fruit flies in the world.

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Shop our selection of reptile supplements and fruit mixes online now.Each species of reptile has unique nutritional considerations.Find out if your reptile is a vegetarian or needs live insects to.

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Live insects or other invertebrate prey can be offered as part of a well-rounded diet or given only as an occasional treat for your crested gecko.Regardless, insects are very high in protein when compared to other natural sources.Low price guarantee and fast shipping on all Reptile Food and Nutrition including Anole, Newt, Shrimp, Frog.Also called fibrous osteodystrophy, osteomalacia, secondary nutritional hyperparathyroidism, osteoporosis, or rickets, Metabolic Bone Disease is perhaps the most.All other bugs from the above list would be fine as part of a varied diet.Foods Reptiles Should Avoid. Iceberg lettuce should be avoided since it has little nutritional content.

Downloadable PDF of Small Animal Clinical Nutrition, 5th Edition, Chapter 71 - Nutrition of Reptiles. Full color.

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Maintain reptile health with nutritional supplements, including vitamins and reptile calcium dust to boost nutrition of veggies and crickets.

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Besides focusing on keeping animals, herpkeepers often hope to.

Essential amino acids are required from foods, while non-essential ones can be bio-synthesized within the body (but also can be used from food).

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Even scaley, spiny, slithery creatures appreciate a treat every once in a while.The larvae of soldier flies (Hermetia illucens) does contain significant amounts of calcium in its exoskeleton.

Silkworms could be a good staple feeder if your geckos accept them.

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Mealworms, superworms are not recommended as a staple for crested geckos because, being frugivores, they may not have the ability to digest high amounts of chitin that are present in these larvae.A cricket is around 70% moisture, so its dry matter content is 30%.It is also possible that ash can contain unbroken chitin compounds, especially with crustacean invertebrates.Rep-Cal is proud to bring you our exclusive line of diets for reptiles.