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After watching the new TV ads for Nutrisystem, I wanted to know more than they were telling.I know more will come off with the help of Nutrisystem and work out group.Whereas getting it off your cheat early on can make all the difference to your chances of success.I ordered a pre-selected package and have found the food tasty for the most part (except the mac and cheese- I fed that to my dog).Having the meals planned out for me in advance will help me schedule-wise.While the packaged meals are complete meals in themselves, they are smaller than many people are used to.I have a question though, im gonna get the auto delivery plan which right now they are offering at 50% off for the first month and then the 2nd month at regular charge.

You can lose 75 pounds but you should not expect it to happen too fast.What are customers saying about Nutrisystem weight loss plans.Its important to contact them immediately if there is anything you think is wrong.I would advise against taking on a diet if your planning a vacation in the middle of it.

Its good to hear from people that have done well with this diet and stuck to it for success.Chances are it took you considerably longer than a month to put the excess weight on, so it makes sense that it should take a while to lose it again safely and sustainably.

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Just started the Nutrisystem diet meal plan on October 29, 2015.So I tried the Nutrisystem for women plan in May for 28 days after I read this review and decided it was worth a shot.But the rest of the time I just ate the food they sent me and told myself it was for a good reason.Well as almost everyone else I have been on the diet roller coaster as well.So my advice to anyone thinking about Nutrisystem as a diet to lose weight is that you can do it.There are lots of people out there just like me that have pretty much given up.

As long as I have an exact plan to follow, I know I will have the motivation to follow it.I am used to eating frozen food and not simply packaged food.I tried Nutrisystem 3 months ago on the strength of a friends recommendation and was a little apprehensive at first after I read some of the complaints in a consumer website.Welcome to The Leaf, the official Nutrisystem weight loss blog, filled with diet, nutrition, fitness and lifestyle tips straight from our weight loss experts,.I married a pastry chef many moons ago and she used to bring her work home with her — at least it seemed like it.The Nutrisystem Plan for women gives you a great way to lose weight and transform your body.

Hey everyone, it looks as though this place is something of a magnet for successful dieters.The shakes could use alittle more flavor but that was expected.Also, I worry that since a person has to call in order to cancel, there is no paper trail and proof that the request was made.Two months or more are usually needed to make any appreciable difference with a rate of weight loss at 1-2 pounds a week being recommended by experts.It lifts your mood, specially if its a sunny day and brings you right up.

But no one is perfect and even a customer support person can have a bad day.I sure complained loudly to my wife and kids over just about every meal on some thing or other, but I still ate them all and I really did lose weight.This time, after i reading your all stories It gave me inspiration to start to get my life back again.Got my doctor to write a letter to my health insurance company and that prompted the health insurance company to cover some of the cost of the food.Yes, its really great that so many people have written in to tell their story and give us all a wide variety of opinions and viewpoints.Hi, I am thinking of trying the nutrisystem diet and have a few questions I hope you can answer.

I am also not tempted to cheat because we have eliminated temptations from the house.Nutrisystem has their own online chat support system where you can contact someone any time of the day of you are worried about anything at all.Try extending to more than 30 minutes if you can — the longer the better.The recommendation is around 8 glasses or two pints spread out throughout the day.I did some research on nutrisystem before, but this review gave me the extra push to go through with it.This is just a fact of life that we have to accept as food is prepared by humans and as humans we are prone to errors occasionally.Anyways, thanks to the author of this blog for the review and thanks to everyone who wrote in to share their experiences.

I wanted to loose a total of 16 pounds and was told by numerous NS consultants that I could do it in 2 months.I never have any more then that (other than some sugar free jello with fat free cool whip).

I called Nutrisystem and they agreed to take everything back.According to my book and the NS consultant, we must have two of them everyday.Like so many of you who have written in I would like to share a bit of my story.Sure, you had a legitimate problem and it sounds like you got a bad batch of meals in your order.But once you have accepted your second month delivery of food, you can cancel further months with no penalty.Nutrisystem is also a teaching tool, if you really want to learn to eat properly.

Hi, I am medically retired from the military at 70% disability and am not able to work out as I have back, hip, and leg problems.Can I conceivably store food in the refrigerator, instead of the freezer.